Why Doesn’t Anyone “LIKE” This?

Why Doesn’t Anyone “LIKE” This?

You’re doing it.  You’re making the moves and connections in the online social media universe that will last a lifetime.  Your website is getting traffic like never before.  But something in your gut is wrong?  Something doesn’t add up…

You go through all this trouble to maintain your Facebook page and no one ever “likes” what you post.  FB LIKE

Why is that?  

You have a following.  You know people are visiting.  You like what you post?  But the internet is giving you the cold shoulder?  We both know if this keeps up it’ll only take potential business away from you.   

So what do you do to get those precious likes? 

Here are 4 quick solution that will help gain you likes now:

1. A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Facebook was built on the idea of images, not words.  So make sure when you post something to have an interesting picture. 

Get creative with it, have fun with it.  Selfies are in now.  Let the picture show the best side of your company.

2.  Keep it short. 

When the average person jumps on Facebook they’re killing time.  They’re jumping page to page to see what’s up.  Which means you only have about 30 seconds at best to catch someones attention.

 Don’t waste it with a novel like status update.  Keep it short!

3.  Include a call to action. 

“Wait what?  You want me to ask people to like this?”  

Studies all over the world prove if you ask for help, you’re more likely to receive it.  This applies to asking your fanbase to like your posts.

4.  Offer some goodies.

If you want someone to like you, give them something to like. 

Post something tlike a bosshey can learn from.  Something that will entertain them.  Something they can leave with and would want to share with their buddies.

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