You want a Job? Join LinkedIn

You want a Job? Join LinkedIn

Today’s economy is brutal.  Never before has it been tougher for a college graduate to find a steady gig let alone get an interview for one.  But it’s not just the newbies in the job market feeling the pinch.  Employees who have been with companies for over two decades who suddenly get laid off aren’t able to land interviews either.

You have to be creative in the job market nowadays.  You have to think outside the box.  You have to join LinkedIn. Link Job Chart

LinkedIn has websites like Monster and CareerBuilder on the edge of their seats in awe.

Everyday LinkedIn is getting more and more people interviews and landing them their dream jobs than any other website out there.    

And it’s all because of the old saying, “It’s not what you know, but who.” 

Most people hire someone who has been vouched for by someone they trust.  But how can you possibly put an interviewer’s mind at ease if they don’t know you? 


Here’s what you do:

1.  Jump on LinkedIn and take twenty minutes to make your profile look good. 

Throw your resume up there and PLEASE take a picture that shows you in a professional light. 

2.  Start off with at least 50-100 connections. 

This is the secret sauce to the LinkIn meal.  The more connections you have, the better chance you’ll have to land your next gig.  Think of this step as a popularity contest.  You want everyone to know you. 

3.  Join groups that interest you. 

Not only will this help you meet people and create connections, you might actually learn something from looking at their pages.

interviewNow what?

Once you have these three things up and running get ready because people are going to start endorsing you.  They’re going to see your talents and remember them when a job comes up.  And guess what – when they see a job pop up they’re going to recommend you. 

Once you have that recommendation you’re going to have a chance to get your foot in the door and start landing gigs.

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