The Power of Twitter Compels You

The Power of Twitter Compels You

First impressions are everything.

Studies show within less than five minutes of meeting a stranger we’ve already made over a dozen conclusions about them.Twitter Verse

We don’t know if they’re a cat or dog person, early bird or night owl, Pepsi or Coke fan — we do this without knowing a thing about them!

Our society is coming to these conclusions so quickly Twitter was invented.  A website that only allows users 140 characters to get your point across.

That’s what?  Two sentences – three if you use small words.  You can’t possibly change the world in three sentences right?

Thing is…we are.  The example I’ll use to prove this point is about an unknown comedy writer who started a twitter account and landed his dream job – writer for his own TV show.

His name is Justin Halpern.

Justin jumped on Twitter and began tweeting outrageous comments his father made.  Eventually the media got wind of this and his tweets were popping up everywhere.  Places like The Jon Stewart Show were broadcasting Justin’s tweets.

Twitter BirdWhat did that do for Justin?

It opened up doors.  People all over were seeking his words.  Eventually it lead to the creation of his very own show $#*! My Dad Says.

Justin’s entire world changed because he used tweets to let people into his mind.  He let them see what his passion was and people latched onto it and wanted more.

We all have our own distinct voice and beliefs.  Imagine what you could do if you used Twitter.  Maybe you don’t want a TV show, but there’s a cause you want people to know about, or maybe you want to reach out to your local politician, or maybe you want to advertise your business.

Twitter is a great place to start!  It will open doors for you.  It will connect you to opportunities you never knew existed.  But the only way it’ll work is if you use it.

I’ll leave you with this question – you have a 140 characters per tweet…how are you going to use them to change the world?

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