SMAC offers affordable Education, Social Marketing and Content services


We specialize in making social marketing both simple and smart. We provide the training and the training materials you need to be successful.



QuickStart™ Workshop  $99

Get social marketing results faster


One hour online workshop providing a complete introduction to our Social Marketing™ process.


Success Series™ Workshop  $499

Define your Social Marketing™ process


Series of 4 online workshops to define and deploy your Social Marketing™ process.

Strategy Lab™ Workshop  $1,699

Develop a Social Marketing™ strategy


6 hour conference room workshop establishes measurable business goals for the Social Marketing™ process.


Pro Bundle $2,000
Purchase all 3 workshop packages and save over 20%.


Social Marketing

Each of our social marketing packages include a dedicated social marketing writer, an editor and an analyst for the same cost as a writer.



Social Marketer™  $300 week (15 hours)

Daily social marketing

Put the complete social marketing process to work at your company without hiring additional staff. Includes content curation


Social Thunder™  $500 week (25 hours)

Daily social marketing and content creation

Put the complete social marketing process to work at your company without hiring additional staff. Includes content creation


Ultimate SMAC™  $1,000 week (50 hours)

Comprehensive social marketing

Bring the complete social media world under your control with two writers that have a background writing for your industry.


One of the best ways to add variety and flair to your social marketing efforts is by adding our industry specific syndicated content to your website or blog.


$5 Quick Posts ( 20 for $100)

Syndicated daily content for a month

Each package includes 20 syndicated content items for your target customer.

$10 Email Offers (10 for $100)

Syndicated email offers to support a 10 week campaign

Each syndicated package is created for your specific type of business.

$20 Professional Stories (10 for $200)

Syndicated feature stories for a month

Each package includes 10 syndicated feature stories for your target customer.

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