Our secret is an easy to deploy process that works.

Are You Building Enough Customers?

Companies are in the business of building customers. Our social marketing process will build new customers by matching your business goals with the appropriate social media tactics.  It has never been easier for any size business.

The SMAC formula works so well, it can deliver results to all the key areas of your business. SMAC is ready to help you build new customers using our exclusive social marketing process.

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Why Social Marketing?

The more you learn about the social marketing process, the more excited you will become about how to put it to work at your organization.

Social Marketing brings unique benefits:

  • Monster sized audience reach
  • Rapid delivery cycles
  • Highly targeted messaging
  • Persistent brand building

The above benefits have strong appeal to any marketing professional. But the fact is, social marketing goes way beyond conventional marketing benefits.

Additional Benefits:

  • One click social purchasing
  • Customer loyalty and retention
  • Reputation management
  • Customer support
  • Community projects 
  • Employee recruiting

The most amazing aspect of social marketing is that it's affordable. In the past, the letter M in Marketing could have easily stood for "money." Marketing almost universally required cash to manage, produce, advertise and promote. And after the money was spent, advertising's short shelf life and limited reach required years of committment to create a successful brand.

The Social Marketing Process is simple and smart.

A limited investment in creating, publishing and engaging real people with words and pictures on social media websites has few costs and your investment lives on indefinitely.  And with each new marketing cycle, you add to the body of artifacts that enable people and search engines to find you. Social marketing is a powerful relationhip builder and foundation of organic search engine optimization. 

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