Am I Talking with a Machine?

Do you remember the day telemarketers started using automated recordings to target us during dinner?  I don’t know what black magic they tapped into but they bypassed our elite called IDs, caught us in a good mood where we had to answer the phone and BOOM!  They hit us with a cold-hearted machine that one […]
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Why Doesn’t Anyone “LIKE” This?

You’re doing it.  You’re making the moves and connections in the online social media universe that will last a lifetime.  Your website is getting traffic like never before.  But something in your gut is wrong?  Something doesn’t add up… You go through all this trouble to maintain your Facebook page and no one ever “likes” […]
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The Power of Twitter Compels You

First impressions are everything. Studies show within less than five minutes of meeting a stranger we’ve already made over a dozen conclusions about them. We don’t know if they’re a cat or dog person, early bird or night owl, Pepsi or Coke fan — we do this without knowing a thing about them! Our society […]
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You want a Job? Join LinkedIn

Today’s economy is brutal.  Never before has it been tougher for a college graduate to find a steady gig let alone get an interview for one.  But it’s not just the newbies in the job market feeling the pinch.  Employees who have been with companies for over two decades who suddenly get laid off aren’t […]
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