We invite you to join the SMAC team of writers!

Our business is growing!

SMAC is looking for more writers. We are interested in hiring part and full time writers with experience and top skills. You can work as little as 10 hours per week from home. We also place writers as full time employees with our clients if you are interested in a full time permanent position.

We hire writers, we place writers.

Some of our clients pay us to find their perfect writer. Other clients prefer we provide a writer for their project. Still others like to try out a writer before they decide to hire. Regardless of the arrangement, you can look forward to receiving FREE social marketing training and even an opportunity to become certified as a Social Marketing Specialist. 

We can also offer you flexible hours, telecommuting, part time or full time work. It all depends on what you are looking for and what our clients need. We want everyone to win!

Here is what we look for in a writer...

1.  Education 

We’re looking for writers with college degrees.  Your degree does not have to be in writing but it certainly helps.  SMAC values education!  It’s a huge part of what we do with our clients.  So tells us why/how your degree brings out the best in your writing and send us 3-5 samples. 

2.  Real World Experience

Not everyone has the opportunity to go to school but they still push forward following their dreams.  SMAC admires this drive.  If your material is hosted by someone and/or somewhere or you have your own website, send us 3-5 links to your favorite samples and we’ll go from there.

3.  Still feel like you have what it takes but don’t fall in the groups above? 

No worries.  Contact us with the subject line: “I want a shot!” we’ll email you a topic to write about.  Number one rule:  It has to be fun!  If your piece has the chops not only will we bring you on the team but we’ll post it in our blog.

4.  I hate my samples – what do I do?

If you fall into group 1 or 2 but just aren’t feeling your samples then pitch us an idea or ask us for one and put your skills to work.  If it’s good enough we’ll host it on our blog.  You still have to send us 3-5 links/samples to your work but know this is an option to get the ball rolling. 

Get started today, fill out our online Writer's Application:

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