Am I Talking with a Machine?

Am I Talking with a Machine?

Do you remember the day telemarketers started using automated recordings to target us during dinner? 

I don’t know what black magic they tapped into but they bypassed our elite called IDs, caught us in a good mood where we had to answer the phone and BOOM! 

They hit us with a cold-hearted machine that one day would inspire the Terminator series. 

But you never it was a machine at first did you?  It took a while to register. 

robotThe voice on the other end sounded sweet, caring, I won’t like many times I felt like there was a connection until I asked, “Who is this?” 

That’s when the dreamed died and the realization of being conned set in.

We’re all at risk in becoming the new automated telemarketer in town.  

What do I mean? 

Some of you may are feeling your Social Media efforts are way different than robots.  Are they?  If you have twenty followers on Twitter are you really covered?  If you get a like on Facebook isn’t that a success?  If you’re on Google Plus – isn’t that a plus?

Social Marketing, oddly enough in order to be effective shouldn’t just be about marketing.  If you truly want to standout you need to make long lasting HUMAN connections.  You need to be social.  The only way to do that is by having conversations with the person visiting your website. 

Our companies may run like machines but we don’t…right?  We’re not in the Matrix yet are we?   

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