Our mission is to make social marketing simple & smart.


Our leadership team is passionate about your organizations social marketing focus. Every manager stays personally involved and responsible for your project. You can expect all of us to work creatively and tirelessly to ensure your social marketing efforts are wildly sucessful. That is our commitment to you.

Carl Dietz

Carl founded SMAC in 1995 when the web was brand new.  He helped hundreds of organizations reach the top of the search engines.  When Google began offering site targeted advertising in 2003, he showed SMAC clients how to use the Google AdWords program to gain new sales prospects at an average of 20¢ per sales lead. Recognizing and leveraging change is Carl's specialty.  SEO worked a lot better in 1995 than it does today and AdWords can now cost thousands of dollars a week for pretty marginal sales leads. Carl continued to stay ahead of the crowd.  Today, his passion for Social Marketing can help put your organization in front of hundreds of thousands of highly targeted future customers. Combining mature process with pragmatic action, SMAC's deep internet marketing experience will help you win in the marketplace.


Cathy Barry

Cathy is inspired by the time honored beauty and allure of good writing. As President of Jackson Hill Publishing, she supported authors who created unique personal works that evoke thought, illuminate the senses, and educate readers in pertinent and timely world matters. Cathy joined SMAC to put her publishing experience to work doing what she loves – telling engaging stories and helping other writers learn how to use their skills in social marketing.

Roger House

Roger has been making customers happy for more than 20 years. He began his tech career at Metropolitan Fiber Systems, providing high speed fiber optic connections to the world's largest organizations. MFS had as much to do with building the Internet as Al Gore. When the world wide web was born, Roger joined The Learning Trust to help companies like Motorola, Honeywell and Lockheed Martin deploy organizational learning systems. Roger has always been in hot pursuit of the elusive Win-Win scenario, where two parties work together for mutual benefit. At SMAC, Roger makes sure every customer is successful. Life is too short to create anything less than happy customers.


Angela Joy

Angela is clearly an over achiever. She built her first online store while still in high school. She is a professional photographer, makeup artist, licensed aesthetician, graphic designer, past publisher of 2 Internet magazines and founder of at least two successful women's apparel internet sites. But who's counting? At SMAC, Angela focuses on designing user friendly social media sites. She specializes in extending your brand to Facebook, WordPress, blogs, email campaigns, and 101 other social media sites. Her job at SMAC is to create an accurate brand representation for every client that wants help launching their social media properties.



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